Grasshopper Weaving

This workshop followed our lesson on traditional weaving, and the demo on the floor loom. Having seen that demo on the traditional loom, the risers and sinkers in grasshopper made a lot of sense in visualizing the simulated cloth. In this exercise, we created digital cloth through a progression of grasshopper components which created aContinue reading “Grasshopper Weaving”

Reading Response – The Sympathy of Things by Lars Spuybroek

In Lars Spuybroek’s 2011 book The Sympathy of Things I agree with the idea in the first section that “as all craft moves toward design, all labor must move towards robotics”. I have been using digital design for a few years, and I often feel as though I am missing the craft nature of artwork.Continue reading “Reading Response – The Sympathy of Things by Lars Spuybroek”

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