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Syringe Pump?

Building off my caulk gun idea, I thought it might be useful to use liquids such as paint or acetone in a controlled manner. Enter the syringe pump. I found some files on thingiverse that got me started and allowed for a quick proof of concept. However, the design was both lacking and intended forContinue reading “Syringe Pump?”

Get Physical, TC2 Workshop

In this week’s workshop, we got to weave our drafts from ADAcad with help from Laura Devendorf, the software’s creator. On the left is a 2 pic fabric, woven in black and blue on the front, and black and white on the back. This cloth was also woven with a ‘pic’ of conductive thread nextContinue reading “Get Physical, TC2 Workshop”

Modulated twill

Weaving Workshop Reactions I thoroughly enjoyed weaving on the 8-heddle floor loom. The main stitch I chose to experiment with was twill. While I’m positive that I am not using proper weaving terminology, I decided to modulate the variables of my twill, adding risers from two all the way up through seven, as well asContinue reading “Modulated twill”

Encoding Environment Workshop

Marantha Dawkins’s workshop on pattern building in grasshopper was a great example of how versatile parametric design can be. The workshop involved sampling brightness values from an image, then mapping those values to constructed pattern pieces in grasshopper, recreating the image though abstract shape. From there the patterns were traced in hot glue on aContinue reading “Encoding Environment Workshop”