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Adding Efficiency and Polish

My initial tests prints worked but left a lot to be desired. First and foremost I had to change the movement. The hand drawn arcs were nice but a hassle to reconfigure when I wanted to change the size, or the order that the machine draws the dots. So I dove into grasshopper, drawing the movement structure with an algorithm that could be both more efficient and adaptable to different circumstances. The difference looks a little like this…

The next challenge was addressing the visible lines occurring as a result of heat cycling. While I couldn’t get the aluminum heat sink replacement tip to work, I found another solution, randomization. By randomizing the drawing order, the heat cycling becomes less apparent. However, since I am trying to ‘collaborate’ with the machine and utilize some of the unexpected elements that come out of the experiments, I came to a compromise which softens the cycling but does not eliminate it completely. I did this by randomizing each row individually instead of the entire image at once. This preserves the charming quirks of the machine while adding some intentionality and polish. See details below.


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