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Examining gCode

For this week’s homework I compared the gcode for two objects I have fabricated, a 3d Print on a PrusaMK3s, sliced in Prusa Slicer, and a 3d carving milled on the Fanuc CNC router with gCode from RhinoCam.

I noticed many similarities, like G1 for move commands, and the syntax of how comments are inserted. There were also differences like the g2 and g3 codes in the CNC file which control arc moves.

I found the prusaslicer code to be much more user friendly, as each action had a comment explaining the function of the following code, for example

;Wipe Start

Followed by the move commands, then

;Wipe end

This made understanding the code easy. On the CNC code there were no comments, but you could discern things like step down by looking for a change in the z height.


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