Shop Adventures Vol. 2

Drawing with bigger pens

The Story

In the dark days of yesteryear , the Graphtec plotter only printed with one pen, a thin, black, felt tip marker. The drawings were colorless, and only consisted of an single, narrow line weight.

Then came the hero, the one called Simon, who modeled and 3d printed a new collet, allowing a new type of pen to grace the plotter’s paper.

Simon’s Collet accepted pens of many colors, creating beautiful landscapes and drawings full of color and life.

But alas, I was not satisfied, I wanted more. I wanted gel pens and oil markers, sharpies and metallics, I could not be satisfied with just more colors!

So I got to work, prototyping a new design that could hold a pen or marker of any size. The plotter’s attachment points limit the size of the tip if the pen, but I did not let that stop me. Instead I offset the pen, attaching it to Simon’s Collet as a side car. The prototype was hacked together with tape and 2 zip ties, but it worked!

Hurray it worked! I drew a circle, and so I knew I could make this happen. I rushed to find the rhino files and model a new attachment, to hold another pen alongside Simon’s Collet.

Within the hour I had a shiny new print, capable of holding my metallic markers.

And Did it work? Yes Sir, it worked beautifully. I need to perform further testing, but the initial results are promising. Good Day.

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