Get Physical, TC2 Workshop

In this week’s workshop, we got to weave our drafts from ADAcad with help from Laura Devendorf, the software’s creator.

On the left is a 2 pic fabric, woven in black and blue on the front, and black and white on the back. This cloth was also woven with a ‘pic’ of conductive thread next to each weft, creating the potential to turn this test sample into a sensor in next week’s arduino workshop.

In the center is a another draft structure, a single cloth woven without conductive thread. My design in this test was much more structurally sound than the double cloth.

On the right is my knitting intertwined with conductive thread making another sensor. By stretching and compressing the sample, I was able to measure a consistent change in the resistance with a multimeter. This should turn into a fine sensor.

In the pictures below you can see the cloth being made, with all our samples ganged up in a row. Then you see Ryan Hoover cutting them apart to distribute to the class.

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