Reading Response – Generative Algorithms Concepts and Experiments: Weaving by Zubin Khabazi and On Weaving: The Fundamental Constructions by Annie Albers

Zubin Khabazi’s guild to visualizing and encoding weaving to use on a Jacquard Loom is both thorough and fascinating. The step by step breakdown of the process makes it understandable, something which can be hard to achieve when looking at the whole grasshopper definition at once. I appreciated the attention to detail and the explanations of the logic regarding each step. This reading paired wonderfully with Annie Albers’ chapter on the fundamentals of weaving, and her explanations of how different weave patters create cloth with different purposes. I haven’t worked with a lot of fibers materials in my practice, but pattern and repetition are often part of my process, so I’m excited for this workshop and demonstration.

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